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International Mediators Association-Asociación Mediadores Internacional

The International Mediators Association is focused on the premise of Global Inclusivity:

We have created the International Mediators Association to build international cohesion amongst mediators and others interested in resolving conflicts in a collaborative manner. We do not distinguish between mediation fields and open our membership to mediators across the globe regardless of their fields of expertise.

At IMA, we recognize that one of the most difficult aspects of becoming a mediator is the acquisition of experience.

Our goal is to offer our senior and novice members tremendous opportunities. For example:

-To be listed on our Expert panel of mediators (who commit to mentoring newer mediators

-To be listed on our Young panel of mediators (including all new mediators looking for experience in the various fields of mediation

  • Opportunities to mediate
  • Opportunities to co-mediate
  • Opportunities to observe mediations
  • Opportunities to act as intake providers
  • Opportunities to participate in our role-play events
  • Mentorship
  • Discounts for training programs (basic, intermediate, advanced and specialty)
  • Discounts for The Annual World Mediation Summit
  • International Certification for Mediators with The International Mediation    Institute
  • Mediator Competency Assessments leading to international certification as a mediator
  • Listing on the IMI Roster of Mediators
  • Much more.

The International Mediators Association has partnered with international organizations also offering our members extraordinary opportunities (Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution, Mediación Siglo21, Mediation International, International Mediation Institute, Gunnercooke, Northwest Mediation and many others.

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